Peachtree Bank

Remote Deposit

Tired of making that daily dash to the bank to deposit your checks? Remote Deposit is the solution!

What is Remote Deposit?

Remote Deposit allows our business customers to convert the physical checks you receive from your customers into images that can be electronically transmitted to the bank for deposit. Using a desk top scanner, your personal computer and our Remote Deposit service, you can scan your checks and transmit them easily and securely to the bank for processing and posting to your account. If your business has multiple offices or locations, Remote Deposit makes it easy to consolidate your banking relationship and electronically deposit your checks from all of your locations into one checking account.

How does Remote Deposit work?

It’s simple! First, accept check payments from your customers. Next, use the Remote Deposit service to scan and submit those checks to our bank. Then we will receive your remote deposit, process the checks accordingly and credit the deposit to your checking account.

What does Remote Deposit mean for my business?

  • Convenience – Eliminate those daily trips to the bank. Simply deposit your checks from your office.
  • Reduced expenses – Courier costs, gas and employees’ time away from the office can negatively affect your bottom line. Lower these costs with Remote Deposit.
  • Streamline operations – Automate the process of presenting your checks for deposit into your account. If you have multiple offices or locations, you can consolidate your deposits into one account.
  • Peace of mind – Don’t worry that you may not get to the bank before the cut-off. Just scan your checks, submit them for processing using the secure Remote Deposit system, and we’ll credit the deposit to your account.

Contact us today to learn more about Remote Deposit and how easy it is to get started.